SDGCC Mission

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SDGCC is the capacity building center, a catalyst & resources center, a think tank, knowledge center and a monitoring post for all supporting departments and ministries of Government of Haryana. SDGCC is responsible for initiating action for convening on SDG related issues, as also meetings at government level, as and when required.
It is responsible for capacity building at field level through conclaves at the state level, for creating awareness about SDGs at the divisional/district levels, for finalizing modalities for preparing field level action plans, and later for conducting goal wise partnership conclaves with the corporate sector for capacity building and training of master trainers, and also chronicling and disseminating best practices and success stories from Haryana.


The state of Haryana is empowered, prepared and fully equipped with technical knowledge, capacity, resources & systems to implement and achieve the ambitious targets it has set for itself in SDG VISION 2030.

SDGCC's Focus

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Build internal state capacity on SDGs and support public digital literacy, awareness creation, high quality knowledge management and capacity building system and partnerships

Develop a communication strategy as well as IEC materials (in local language and illustrative form) for making government functionaries and the public aware of their roles & responsibilities to achieve SDG VISION for the state.
Coordinate SDG Implementation and localization at the districts / village level
Analyse and propose strategies, schemes towards acceleration of progress towards SDGs, including integrated development solutions
Design monitoring and evaluation systems to track the states progress against the SDG goals, targets and indicators, including third party monitoring mechanisms. Develop and introduce sophisticated tools using technology, including dashboards, citizen feedback loops, real-time monitoring technologies like sensors.
Develop an institutional mechanism & suggest policy level change for efficient coordination to implement SDG VISION through establishment of technical and management support group at appropriate levels
Facilitate the application of big data analytics for decision making
Undertake bottleneck analysis in priority areas to assess service delivery bottlenecks, particularly at the last mile and propose solutions leveraging disruptive technologies
Help mobilize human, financial and physical resources and manage their utilization

Yojana Bhawan Bays 21-28, Sector 4, Panchkula, Haryana 134112

Contact No.- +91-172-5117320

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