NGO Mobilisation Around the SDGs

The non-profits have a crucial role to play in this framework wherein, they can be active connections for citizen-oriented data, problem identification and resource mobilisation. The non-governmental organisations (NGOs) can ensure the accountability of governments and businesses towards SDGs. Not only do they create an enabling environment for the contribution to SDGs and its documentation but assist in also communicating the SDG progress and raising awareness amongst the citizens.

Thus, identifying the NGOs working in alignment with SDGs and catalysing their efforts by bridging the knowledge and action gap is strategic towards ensuring an accelerated track for SDG achievement.

NGOs act as enablers and facilitators for implementing various development sector projects, providing infrastructural and human resources, sectoral expertise, understanding of the socio-economic context and familiarity with the communities. They are the direct contributors to SDGs and assist in mapping the progress of states towards achieving their SDG targets while creating focused interventions to accelerate the target achievement process.

Enabling constructive dialogue between different stakeholders is at the heart of sustainable development, wherein, the civil society can analyse and supplement government reports. NGOs can be instrumental in disseminating the information to the citizens about the progress made towards the achievement of SDGs, making the policy processes more
transparent. Raising public awareness through such processes empowers and encourages the citizens in making larger individual and collective
contributions towards the SDGs.

At SDGCC Haryana, we are in the process of creating the first of it’s kind SDG-NGO platform which would catalyse our efforts by bridging the knowledge and action gap is strategic towards ensuring an accelerated track for SDG achievement. If your organizations is working in Haryana then we would request you to kindly register for the SDG-NGO platform.

Why Partner with SDGCC?

  • Be part of the first of it’s kind NGO network in Haryana which is aligned to SDGs
  • Play an active role in discussions related to SDG’s in Haryana
  • Be up to date with the latest events and seminars with respect the SDGs
  • Showcase the work that is being done by your organization to a wider network
  • Partner with other NGO’s and Government to co-create SDG projects for Haryana

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