Sustainable Living is No More a Choice but a Necessary Way of Life

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Sustainable living is not a choice, instead it needs to be a way of life

For @ishanibagaria1, sustainability is not some distant concept rather a way of life. She believes in leading by example and that actions speak louder than words! She is a #reallifehero and we need more like her to leave a better planet for the next generation! Kudos Ishani

“Sustainable living is not a choice, instead it needs to be a way of life. We have a duty towards our environment and we all need to share this responsibility. I try and do my bit by eating clean, wearing right and helping who I can. I’m a vegetarian and I try to keep my diet plant based mostly. I avoid refined sugar, processed foods and believe in eating fresh organic produce. We also have a little garden at home, where we grow some herbs and vegetables.

I firmly believe in reuse, reduce and recycle and I also try and upcycle. I invest in good quality clothes that last longer. I like borrowing clothes within family instead of making random purchases and hoarding. I also donate my clothes every season to people in need.

We only use LED and CFL lighting in our house and we try and conserve electricity. Its always good to have more sunshine around.

It’s important to make conscious changes in our daily lives keeping the earth in mind, because what we do today, can improve all of our tomorrows.”

Be like Ishani and if you too have a story, mail us at


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