Imagine being told who to be and feeling trapped?

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Imagine being told who to be and feeling trapped

Did you know that children begin to experience the drawbacks of gender stereotypes since a very young age? When we perpetrate our preconceived notions of gender roles on our children, it can lead to lifelong gender confusion and gender identity crisis. An example of the toxicity of gender inequality is genderdysphoria!

Gender Dysphoria is the feeling of one’s emotional and psychological identity to be opposite to one’s biological sex and it can be present in children as young as five to six years of age. This can be a traumatic experience and can lead to loss of identity for children and carry on way in to adulthood. It can often leave a permanent mark on the child’s inner being. Most of the times, this damage can’t be undone.

Accept your children the way they are and be open in your conversations. Boys may like to play with barbies. Girls can like guns. That doesn’t make them prone to homosexuality. Don’t project your #homophobia on your children. They are too young to compartmentalise and discriminate. If you find your child expressing his/her discomfort with their gender, don’t push it under the carpet. Talk to them. Keep your mind open. Remember, if this is hard for you, imagine what they are going through. Allow your children to explore their own gender identity.

Never display fear of phobia towards any gender. Not in conversations, expressions or even by way of the kind of media you promote. Remember, gender doesn’t define us, humanity does!

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